/ 5 Times Ethan Hunt Would’ve Died Without Tech

At Domo, we love how technology gives people a chance to do something that used to be . . . well, impossible.

Behind every great secret agent, there’s a numbers-cruncher sitting at a desk. How much rope is needed to rappel 40 stories down a skyscraper? Can we jam air traffic control in Budapest for 19 minutes? How much chloroform is needed to incapacitate 7 thugs?

In Rogue Nation, Ethan Hunt is at the top of his game—so it’s only fitting to take a look at the technology that got him there! The gear and gadgets from his previous mission, Ghost Protocol, are what geek dreams are made of.

  1. Hallway Holograms

A deliciously tense scene where Ethan Hunt and Benji project a false 3D image of a corridor onto a transparent screen—much to the confusion of an unassuming security guard in the Kremlin.

  1. Spiderman Gloves

“We can get to it from outside.”


“I . . . I’m on the computer.”

  1. BMW i8

Remember in Minority Report when Tom Cruise navigates a web of data projected in mid-air? Put that in a sports car, and you’ve got the BMW i8. Because when you’re speeding through the streets of Dubai chasing bad guys, you can’t just do it in a minivan.

  1. The iPhone

Yes, the humble iPhone! Sometimes you’ve got to stick with old reliable. Apparently there’s an app for tracking high-tech paperclips placed in the briefcases of Russian nuclear scientists. In sandstorms.

(More importantly, who is Ethan Hunt’s service provider? Sign us up!)

  1. Magnetic Levitation Suit

Technically, William Brandt (played by Jeremy Renner) would be dead without this, not Ethan Hunt. Even so, if you’re trying to infiltrate a server room to deactivate a Soviet satellite that transmits launch codes for nuclear missiles, you don’t want to be without this.

Ethan Hunt or not.


The Mission: Impossible movies offer a sneak peak into the future of tech—even if we non-superspies don’t get to use it firsthand.

But ultimately, what makes these movies so iconic isn’t the technology used. It’s Tom Cruise himself. There’s just no substitute for his insane, high-octane stuntwork.

Ready for a shameless plug? Domo helps business users do their own stunts. Not all of us have day jobs that require hanging off planes—and while making sense of business data is less exciting than breaking into the CIA, it can feel just as complicated.

Best leave it to the experts.

Or Ethan Hunt. He’s always a good #2.

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