/ 5 sessions we’re looking forward to at Dreamforce 2017

Dreamforce 2017 is going to be amazing. There’s no question about that. When you have keynote speakers like Michelle Obama, Ashton Kutcher, and will.i.am alongside performances by Alicia Keys and Lenny Kravitz, how could it be anything short of incredible?

Of course, no one’s going to miss the keynote speakers—and we’d recommend not missing any of the main session speakers, for that matter (see the full lineup of speakers here). But there are some sessions that we think are going to be really informational and worth every minute.

Here are 5 sessions we can’t miss at DF17:

Supporting at the Speed of Social: Salesforce Delivering Social Customer Care

When: Monday, 8:00 AM

Why we’re excited: Social media isn’t just a marketing game anymore. It’s a valuable window into your customers. From collecting data to delivering personalized customer care, we’re excited to see innovative ideas on how to turn social media into an impactful, lightning-fast customer care tool.

What the Top Sales People in the World are Doing Right

When: Monday, 11:30 AM

Why we’re excited: With a title like that, how couldn’t we be? But in reality, finding the secret recipe for sales success isn’t an easy task, and buyers needs are constantly changing. This session will show how machine-learning has become the life force behind customer experiences.

Disciplined Behavior and Transparency Improve Predictability

When: Tuesday, 4:00 PM

Why we’re excited: Culture isn’t just a buzzword. It can give sales teams the umph they need to turn into a stellar team or drain them to chronic underperformance. This session, led by Domo President, Chris Harrington, will give you the how-to to align teams, maximize revenue, and use tech to do it all.

AI-Powered Chatbots in Action at adidas Consumer Service

When: Wednesday, 9:30 AM

Why we’re excited; With a name like adidas behind the insights in this session, it’s hard to resist. AI is at the forefront of tech innovation, and seeing firsthand how one of AI’s staples, chatbots, are improving business is bound to be insightful.

AI + Your Deal Data: Influence Sales Behavior and Improve Pricing Practices

When: Thursday, 8:00 AM

Why we’re excited: Obviously there’s a pattern here. AI is one of, if not the, biggest forces in tech right now, but it’s also one of the least understood, and certainly the least utilized. This session explores extracting insights from deal data to increase revenue and close the pricing gap.

Dreamforce is one of the biggest tech conferences around, and chances are any session you attend will be chock-full of incredible insights. Check out the full list of Dreamforce 2017 sessions here, and make sure you don’t miss Domo’s sessions! We teased one above, but you can get the full info for each of Domo’s sessions here.

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