/ 4 New Year’s BI Data Resolutions You Can’t Fail to Keep

Your New Year’s diet resolution doesn’t look so good when you still have three-quarters of a cheesecake and half a case of egg nog in the fridge three days after your New Year’s Eve party. You may as well post on your Facebook wall, “I’m just waiting to digest what happened on Christmas and New Year’s before I finish off the leftovers.”

Fortunately, there are business intelligence resolutions that you can set with confidence. If you’re already feeling guilty about your New Year’s diet plan, try some of these cloud BI resolutions on for size:

  • “I will get my data in real time.”

If you’re running your business month-to-month or even week-to-week in the digital world, you are missing key opportunities that don’t come back. You simply cannot get the full value out of your business intelligence analytics if you can’t get all of your metrics—and I mean all of them—in real time.

  • “I will access my data on my mobile device.”

Welcome to 2013, the year when everything worth anything is available on your mobile device. Honestly, if you can get updates on your college friend’s dog through Facebook or Twitter, shouldn’t you be just as connected to your business stats?

Cloud business intelligence gives you more opportunities and better business practices almost from the moment you set up the system—at least, that’s what Domo users say about their shiny new executive management platform.

  • “I will not settle for spreadsheets for business information.”

Data visualization tools are easy to find. Good data visualization tools are a little more difficult. But getting the data visualization tool that finally meets your needs? That can fall somewhere between “a herculean feat” and “nigh unto impossible.”

Finding the right tools doesn’t have to be a headache, and using Excel does not have to be your go-to solution. There is a simpler answer.

Business intelligence and data visualization has been the province of the tech savvy, the IT department, and generally not you. At Domo, we feel that nothing is more important to business professionals than a clear and uncluttered vision of the metrics you care about most. Leaders need information in a dashboard that is customizable, clear, and run in real time.

  • “I will get all my data in one place.”

Data warehouses are dead. Ok, they’re not “dead” in the way that Hostess is dead and lifeless, of course. They’re more “dead” like when Steve Jobs said Flash was “dead,” even though it hangs around because no one has a decent replacement.

Warehousing your data brings up lots of problems, chiefly outdated data in irrelevant formats that tell the wrong stories. In 2013, you will see more opportunities to plug multiple data sources into a single dashboard, but you will probably be limited to a single view that doesn’t say much. In short, there will be plenty of aggregators that function essentially like a data warehouse, minus a few steps.

The coup de grâce that will separate the big dogs from the puppies is the overall functionality of a more robust executive management platform—customization, communication, visualization, and even company-wide integration. One of the key aspects of bringing your data together is that it can be implemented throughout your company.

What are your business resolutions for the New Year? Sound off in the comments!

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