/ 4 new Domo features all users should know about

We’ve all heard the phrase, “If you aren’t improving, you’re falling behind,” but not everyone lives by it.

One group sure does, though, and that’s Domo’s product team. How else do you explain the fact that every few months this collection of talented and passionate individuals rolls out more features designed to help organizations further build a competitive advantage?

The latest release occurred earlier this month, and, as always, it took into full account what so many of our customers want and need right now in The Business Cloud: the ability to scale management of the platform as their business grows.

For the most part, there are four new features in this release, including a set of improvements for groups, designed with security and governance in mind.

From new group types to bulk actions, these group management enhancements give enterprises the ability to not only cleanly separate data access and administration between groups as they add new groups to Domo, but add and remove members from groups so they can easily manage large numbers of groups.

Another new feature is Beast Mode Manager, which allows you to see all of your Beast Modes in one place, better manage your Beast Modes with new filters and bulk actions, edit Beast Mode calculations, and duplicate Beast Modes to different DataSets. The solution is so powerful it allows you to update 100 Beast Modes at a time.

For those seeking to make their stories look even cleaner and have more impact, we’re proud to announce the availability of more chart and table options. Now, you have more control than ever over elements such as table padding, font weight, bubble size, and radial gauge width. What’s more, you can now create a personalized message to replace “No data for filtered range” when a chart doesn’t contain any data.

Finally, there are new “Save As” options for dashboards, which make it easier to manage cards and pages as you build more content.

These options allow you to choose whether you want to a) duplicate all the cards on the dashboard when you duplicate the dashboard, or b) have the same card appear on multiple dashboards. This feature not only saves time, it reduces the amount of overhead required when creating new dashboards.

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