/ 3 killer courses you can’t miss at Domopalooza Bootcamp

Hey genius! Yeah, you.

Are you a new Domo user hoping to learn how to navigate your way around the platform? A grizzled data veteran eager to learn more about how you can load your company’s data into Domo? Or perhaps a business analyst hoping to create more compelling visualizations that upper management can use to implement the corporate vision? Then Domo University’s Bootcamp courses at Domopalooza are the right place for you.

Domo is an incredibly powerful business management platform. Over a thousand high-profile customers use Domo globally for a variety of mission-critical tasks. It’s become indispensable for individuals like you to gather more insight from the data you capture and then to use that insight to drive your business forward.

Domo University exists to you in your quest to get the most out of Domo. To that end, Domo University’s Bootcamp courses at the inaugural Domopalooza are there to help you get the most value from data and Domo.

Here are the three crash courses you can’t miss at Domo’s Bootcamp at Domopalooza.

1. Domo Basics (new users)

Ready to start managing your business #likeaboss? This course shows new users how to set up a Domo account, build new cards, investigate data with Domo functionality, collaborate on data sets, and enable alerts for important metrics.

2. Data Visualization (power users)

You know some charts and graphs are better than others—but why? This course delves into the theoretical underpinnings of effective visual communication. Attendees will learn how the brain processes visual data and what makes data visualization effective.

3. Data Acquisition and Transformation (data architects)

A class for nerds, by nerds. This course is tailored to help technical business data users learn the skills necessary to transform data in Domo. If you want the nitty-gritty, this is where to get it.

We’re thrilled to offer Bootcamp courses to all of our attendees who want to stay ahead of the curve at Domopalooza. You will leave with new skills, new insights, new capabilities, all of which will propel you further in your use of Domo.

Domopalooza Bootcamp is offered through Domo University and will take place Tuesday, April 7 from 9:00 AM – 4:00 PM with a break for lunch. Check out the site to learn how to register for Bootcamp. Limited seats available.

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