Infographic: Sensory Overload

When I was CEO of a public company, one of the things that amazed me was that in spite of how much data was generated, it was impossible to sort through it all and truly harness the power of that data. That’s why

Encyclopedia Britannica and the Death of the Single Point of View

Bibliophiles lamented the passing of another cultural milestone in the print world this month. But for many, the announcement of the death of Encyclopedia Britannica’s print edition came as little surprise. The venerable publication reached its apex in the mid-90s but had been

Infographic: The Cost of Manual Reporting

Manual reporting is expensive, not to mention frustrating. It can cost a typical company $79K per year and that’s conservative, IMHO. For other companies, it can cost much much more. Check our infographic on the cost of manual reporting and see if you can relate.

Three Trends in Business Intelligence

The Garnter Business Intelligence Summit is just starting and the anticipation is growing on Twitter, blogs, and other social media sites. Though big data is the main buzz, three other BI pain points stand out as hot topics: cloud, mobile, and the user experience. According to Gartner, the reign of the personal computer is coming …

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