/ 10 Twitter accounts you need to follow at Domopalooza

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls: Domopalooza has arrived (well, almost).

This new breed of business conference combines the best of tech, BI, thought leadership, music and outdoor leisure into one ultimate experience. Attendees will be hearing from the likes of Billy Beane and Facebook’s COO Sheryl Sandberg, celebrating with the likes of Robin Thicke and hitting the slopes with the best snow on earth.

Yeah, it’s that epic.

Oh, and it’s also the inaugural user event for a company that already has over 1,000 enterprise customers. NBD.

Whether you’ll be joining us in Salt Lake or following Domopalooza across social channels, you’ll want to know the hot names at the event and why they’re a big deal. We’ve assembled a list of the top 10 influential speakers from Domopalooza that you should follow on Twitter ahead of the conference.

Josh James, @joshjames

Domo Founder/CEO. Omniture CEO & Co-founder.

Jer Thorp, @blprnt

Software artist, writer, and educator. Co-founder of The Office for Creative Research & adjunct professor at ITP.

Rita Sallam, @rsallam

IT Industry Analyst with Gartner.

Heather Zynczak, @hzynczak

CMO at Domo.

Gabie Boko, @GabieBoko

EVP of Marketing at Sage. 

Zach Nelson, @ZachNelson

CEO of NetSuite.

Chris Willis, @chriswillis

Domo’s VP of UX and co-author of We Media: How audiences are shaping the future of news and information.

Chris Harrington, @CCH360

President of Domo. Also highly recommended is the account for Chris’ hair: @CCH360s_Hair

Jeff Kearl, @termsheet

Stance Founder/CEO.

Tom McConnon, @tmcconnon

Domo product marketing & content strategy.

Be a social guru at Domopalooza. Share what you’re learning, what you’re loving and what we can do to make it even more awesome with #Domopalooza and #DP15. Don’t forget to follow @domotalk and @domopalooza on Twitter!

This list is just a sampling of the many great speakers and entertainers we’ll have at Domopalooza. Check out our Twitter list of speakers and entertainers here.

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