How are reps performing?
Who are we losing against?
Which deals will close this month?
How are sales trending?
What's our pipeline velocity?

Close more deals.

Learn how Domo helps you crush your quota.

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Connect to the data you need.

Running a killer sales organization requires the right information. Sometimes that information is found in your CRM. Sometimes it comes from an analytics platform. Sometimes it's in a spreadsheet, or email client, or dialer, or accounting software. Bottom line? It's all over the place.

Bring it all together.

Domo helps you see the big picture—from the top of the funnel to bottom-line revenue—by bringing all the sales information you care about into a single dashboard. Instead of checking deals in one place and top performing reps in another, you're now able to see that data in context and make faster, better-informed decisions.

Sales Dashboard
Sales Dashboard

Measure what matters.

See the metrics that help you crush your quota, in real time:

  • Rep Performance
  • Competitive Wins by Percentage
  • Neglected Opportunities
  • Next Deals to Close
  • Period-over-Period Sales
  • Pipeline Velocity
  • Performance by Territory
Sales Dashboard 629 Closed Won Sales Cycle - Days to Close Closed won Opportunities Sales Rep Efficiency

Make decisions with confidence.

Whether you're qualifying leads, carrying a quota, or managing operations, Domo gives you the ability to make the right decisions with the right data.

  • Sales management
  • Account executives
  • Account development
  • Sales operations

But don't take our word for it.

Ogio, a successful player in the retail industry, is making its sales team "giddy" with Domo.

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  • As Xactly continues to grow, the ability to slice and dice data along sales teams and territories really gives us the ability to be effective in how we continue to grow those territories and teams.

  • In just 20 minutes I can reconcile my sales data to what shows up in my ledger. Users can slice the pie all different ways, and that's fine because I know the data is solid.

  • Bohme experienced a 15% increase in sales after our store managers started using Domo. Productivity is through the roof.

Crush your quota with Domo.

Fill out the form and we'll send you an exclusive video demo.

Crush your quota with Domo.

Fill out the form and we'll send you an exclusive video demo.

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