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The Partnership Between Gamification And Data

gamification of data for enterprise

Let’s get one thing straight: Gamification does not mean gaming. Gamification borrows the characteristics of games and applies them to non-game contexts. Gamification works by taking advantage of humans’ natural predisposition to engage in competitive activities in order to achieve a desired outcome, whether it’s learning a new language or clicking “buy now” on a …

“Speed to Insight” Is the Great Race in Cloud Computing

speed to insight

In a recent interview, Kleiner Perkins Caufield Byers (KPCB) General Partner Matt Murphy shared an interesting opinion about the growth and direction of tech companies. Simply put, Murphy feels that the tech companies changing the world are those that raise investment through private equity rather than through public stocks. (A correlation possibly related to how …

Mobile Productivity: Why It Isn’t Delivering and Why That Will Change


Me and my smartphone are inseparable—just ask my wife. And because of that, I’m part of a larger global trend that’s on track to reach a major milestone. At some point during the course of this year, Comscore predicts that mobile device usage will eclipse that of desktop usage. Pretty remarkable if you think about it.  …

The Uncanny Link Between Apple’s Garage Band and Business Intelligence


The Music—And the Drummer Back when I was 14, a friend of mine showed me how to string three chords together to play “Wild Thing” on the guitar. Soon after that life-altering experience I dropped $40 on a cheap, vintage hollow body with a faded sunburst finish, borrowed a book of sheet music for Metallica’s …

Why User Experience Makes All the Difference in Your BI Tools


One of our sales guys was giving a special demo of Domo’s product to a CFO and a BI analyst. During the presentation, the BI analyst asked our representative why their company should switch to Domo instead of continuing with their current solution. Before the BI analyst could respond, the CFO jumped in and said, …

Why Data About Your Customers is so Valuable

Having spent a good portion of my professional career working directly with clients, I have learned a lot about what their expectations are when they engage a consultant. Simply put, business clients purchase software and services with the expectation that their company will benefit in ways that outweigh the costs. From a sales and marketing …

Is Your Retail Operation Naughty or Nice?

If I were starting a retail company today, my first call would go to Santa to sit on my board. Who better to guide a sprouting retailer on production processes, fulfillment and more importantly, customer experience? While Santa may be too busy at the moment to attend to such a matter personally, I think it …

Customer Success, Our Only Job

I am very happy to join Domo as the VP of Customer Success. Josh let me choose that title because it aligns my new responsibilities with what our clients need from Domo. We are here at Domo because we believe we can redefine business intelligence by transforming how data is used within an enterprise. The …

Changing Our Reality – Facebook’s Timeline

I do not like this new facebook. I do not like it on a train. I do not like it in the rain. I do not like this brand new feed. I do not like it, nosiree. –Sara

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