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CEOs: It’s Time to Get Off the Social Media Sidelines
Josh James
Josh James
Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board

This is the third consecutive year that Domo and have conducted a study of the social media habits of Fortune 500 CEOs. The results are in — and I can report that there’s good news and bad news. First the bad news. This year’s “Social CEO Report” found that the vast majority of the …

Two Top Challenges for Every Retail COO (And How to Fix Them)
Dan Roden
Dan Roden
Director of Marketing Experience
retail challenges with big data

This blog post is an extraction from the report Conquering Retail’s 6 Biggest Cross-Channel Challenges, available for free here. Retailers have an unending supply of potential software solutions built to solve business problems—especially for operations and supply chain. But managing all the disparate “solutions” can become a serious problem. Let’s take a look at two of …

The Measuring Sticks of Sales Productivity
Joe Hawkins
Joe Hawkins
Account Executive
measuring stick of sales productivity

This blog post is extracted from the SiriusDecisions Research Brief “The Measuring Sticks of Sales Productivity.” Get the full article for free on the Domo Learn Center. The world is flat, or at least we thought it was until Columbus made a discovery or two while trying to find a faster route to the Far …

MONDAY, JULY 7, 2014
3 Reasons Why “BI & Analytics” Is the Top CFO Initiative
Tessa Curry
Tessa Curry
Associate Editor
BI and Analytics CFOs' Top Investment

According to Gartner, 78% of CFOs have labeled BI and analytics as their top tech initiative for their departments—beating out even financial management applications. So what’s driving the CFO demand for BI and analytics? 1. CFOs Need More Accurate Reports When a BI system pulls data directly from your finance tools, it keeps all your …

FRIDAY, JUNE 27, 2014
Is Your CEO Good at Communication? Employees and C-Suite Disagree
Mark Adams
Mark Adams
Director, Web Properties

Executives and employees agree on one thing about their CEO: they want to hear from her more often. In’s recent “360-degree CEO” survey report, 79% of executives and 74% of general employees said they would like to hear from their CEO at least monthly. From there, employees and the C-suite have fascinating differences of …

THURSDAY, MAY 15, 2014
How to Know When Data Is Lying to You
Kevin Hammons
Kevin Hammons
Product Analytics
false correlations

As Bill Russell once said, “The only important statistic is the final score.” But is that still true? In the age Sabermetrics, NFL Pro Days & Combines, ESPN3, Sportvision, Fitbit and Levi’s Stadium, sports analysts have a wealth of information from which they can extrapolate meaning. With all this data available, there will inevitably be …

Only the Nerdiest, Coolest Tech Companies Celebrate Luke, Vader and Yoda
Jared Heath
Jared Heath
Content Marketing
Revenge of the 6th-featured image

May 4th was on Sunday, so that’s a total buzzkill for Star Wars fans aching to say, “May the Fourth be with you!” But Domo won’t be deterred—yesterday we celebrated “Revenge of the Sixth,” complete with employees walking around in Jedi outfits (apparently people keep those on hand for necessary occasions), Princess Leia hair rolls …

FRIDAY, APRIL 25, 2014
Millennials and Mobile Technology
Julie Kehoe
Julie Kehoe
VP of Communications

At Domo, we’re obsessed with applying technology to improve the way business is managed. Last year, we established the Domo Scholarship for Business Management, designed to help up-and-coming leaders compete more effectively as new technologies and data’s role in business continue to increase in practice and importance. The 2013 application was focused on eliciting what …

The Best Way To Organize Your Plate On Thanksgiving
Dan Roden
Dan Roden
Director of Marketing Experience

Thanksgiving is largely a food holiday. At the Roden household, we always mix in shooting guns and throwing the Nerf football on the street. For the most part, it is about cramming my seemingly ever-expanding extended family into a small home and eating the traditional cornucopia of food staples synonymous with this great American holiday. …

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