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TUESDAY, JULY 29, 2014
3 Data-Driven Tips for Veteran CMOs and Marketers
Heather Zynczak
Heather Zynczak
Chief Marketing Officer
3 Data-Driven Tips for CMOs

I‘ve always been comfortable being the youngest person in a conversation, which I credit to my two older sisters and parents who excitedly discussed and debated anything and everything around the dinner table. I also started kindergarten a year early and entered college before I was old enough to vote, making me the youngest one …

Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO
Jared Heath
Jared Heath
Content Marketing
data-driven CMO

Think of that executive you know with her head always bent to her smartphone, checking several different dashboards, and lost somewhere in the datasphere. Got that picture clearly in your mind? Good. That’s not the kind of data-driven CMO we’re talking about. The data-driven CMO has seven little secrets that give her an edge on …

TUESDAY, JUNE 24, 2014
Do “data-driven” marketers lose their creativity?
Jared Heath
Jared Heath
Content Marketing
data killing creativity

Domo’s CMO, Heather Zynczak, recently sat down with Crimson Marketing’s CEO Glenn Gow to discuss data’s growing role in marketing, how marketers need to re-strategize around data and if being data driven detracts from marketers’ creativity. Below is a brief excerpt. You can listen to the 22-minute event here. Gow: So, interesting, so I’d say …

Yikes—Marketers’ Relationship with Data Is Only a B-
Jared Conley
Marketing Operations
marketers relation with data 2

Marketers have an incredible array of data sources—so it’s no wonder that they deal with data fatigue. In Domo’s Data-Driven Marketing Survey Report, we asked the marketers responsible for various platforms how often they check the data. Here’s a graph of their responses: Even those with business intelligence solutions aren’t making the time to check …

TUESDAY, MAY 27, 2014
Event Marketing Domination
Heather Zynczak
Heather Zynczak
Chief Marketing Officer
Domo event marketing and branding

I’ve always been a bit skeptical of marketing at tradeshows. It seems to me like most attendees come for the corporate boondoggle, not to seriously evaluate vendors. But over the last two years at Domo, I’ve learned the value of face-to-face interaction often outweighs the expense. In fact—in-person interaction is the single most effective way …

“Next Level” Marketing: 4 ways to make social media marketing more valuable
Heather Zynczak
Heather Zynczak
Chief Marketing Officer

Marketers love “shiny” things—new marketing automation tools, new analytics reports, and above all, new social media outlets. But “new and shiny” does not always equate to “valuable.” I can speak from experience. In 2007, while at SAP, my team created a Facebook page for one of the B-to-B software products we were marketing. We had …

3 Ways To Make Your Social Media Marketing More Effective
Annie Hawkins
Annie Hawkins
Online Marketing Specialist

I oversee Domo’s social media marketing. In recent conversations with my social media peers, we’ve concluded that while social media is one of the most widely used channel by prospects, it is probably the least leveraged by companies. There are more than 325 million mobile devices in the United States alone. They’ve graduated from being …

3 Business Takeaways From an MLS Team’s Success
Don MacArthur
Don MacArthur
Marketing Automation Manager

I am a huge fan of soccer and a proud supporter of my home club, Real Salt Lake. It wasn’t until 2005, when RSL became a new expansion club in Major League Soccer, that I developed a love for the sport. I attended the first ever RSL home match out of pure curiosity, and by …

Why Business Leaders Are Hamstrung
Jared Heath
Jared Heath
Content Marketing

I was out on the driving range trying (and failing) to fix a slice on my drive some time ago. There was only one other person out there, and as expected, we started talking about work in between strokes. I’m a marketer at Domo, and he was a manager at a shipping company and a …

3 Ways for Online Marketers to Become Data Driven, Now
AJ Wilcox
Online Marketing Manager

Being data driven is not something that comes naturally to many online marketers. And what’s worse, it’s painfully obvious. They’ve learned (often from agency settings) one-off tactics like entering alt tags or creating external links that can give search results a boost. And that’s great…right? The problem is that many aren’t considering the longer strategy—are …

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