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Slogging through big data initiatives? Here’s why businesses get stuck.


In business, the latest tech trends often get stuck in implementation limbo—despite broad consensus on their relevance, nobody quite knows what to do with them. It’s a growing pain we saw with the Internet, and we’re seeing it again with big data. Recognizing the importance of big data is quite different from fully embracing it. …

How C-level executives really feel about big data.


As data-driven insights begin to inform decision-making at every level of the organization, C-level executives have entered a dynamic environment that explores how data analytics translate into business value. Some executives appear more confident than others in the capabilities of big data, prompting us to ask: Who’s big on big data? That’s the question at the …

How executives can ditch the guesswork and become more data-driven.


According to a recent PWC study, 68% of executives value their most important decisions at $50 million or more in terms of future business profits. Yet with so much on the line, a measly one-third of executives describe their decision-making as “highly data-driven.” Getting insights from data requires some level of discrimination. “Big data is …

Flying Blind? Most Business Leaders Lack the Data They Need

business leaders are flying blind

As a business leader, you help pilot your organization. You have data that, like the instruments in a pilot’s cockpit, help you measure exactly how high, how fast, and in what direction your organization is flying. But if you don’t have access to all the information you need, you’ll find yourself flying blind to the …

2 Ways to Please Your Data Lover

how to please your data lover

Business leaders love data. When they have it, they’re able to make sound decisions with confidence. But when they don’t, they’re up all night wondering when their instinct is finally going to fail them—or if it already has. So it falls on the shoulders of BI and IT experts like you to deliver the data …

What Your Finance Reports Should Learn from Mint

finance reporting with spreadsheets

Everyone understands finance will never stray from spreadsheets and its hard data, number-crunching roots. And they never should. But for some executives receiving reports from finance, a spreadsheet in their email inbox incites a specific type of dread. And too often, if a report is boring and overwhelming, it won’t be read—and that makes it next …

Are CEOs looking at data that’s been massaged?

CEOs looking at massaged data

Are you getting accurate data from your executive team? Between the standard inaccuracies and time lag you’ll encounter with most reporting methods, reports are never going to be right on the money. A new study, however, suggests that executives may be cooking the books more than you might have thought. According to a report by …

Why Presentation Is Everything (Well, Mostly).


I’ve worked in the analytics/BI space for over a decade now, and let me tell ya: the challenges surrounding collection, aggregation, analysis and dissemination of data are not new. As technology for measuring performance has improved and storage has become cheaper, companies are doing a better job of collection and aggregation, which in turn has …

Is Competition on the Executive Team Healthy?


I love the TV show Mad Men. In addition to the great clothes, Don Draper’s good looks, and three-martini lunches, it is just so cleverly written. A recent episode stuck with me. The executive in charge of “Beans” at the Heinz Food Company did not want the executive in charge of “Ketchup” to use the Madmen …

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