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2 Ways to Please Your Data Lover
Kevin Hammons
Kevin Hammons
Product Analytics
IT data reporting

Business leaders love data. When they have it, they’re able to make sound decisions with confidence. But when they don’t, they’re up all night wondering when their instinct is finally going to fail them—or if it already has. So it falls on the shoulders of BI and IT experts like you to deliver the data …

What Your Finance Reports Should Learn from Mint
Tom McConnon
Tom McConnon
Product Marketing Manager
finance reporting with spreadsheets

Everyone understands finance will never stray from spreadsheets and its hard data, number-crunching roots. And they never should. But for some executives receiving reports from finance, a spreadsheet in their email inbox incites a specific type of dread. And too often, if a report is boring and overwhelming, it won’t be read—and that makes it next …

FRIDAY, JUNE 13, 2014
Are CEOs looking at data that’s been massaged?
Rebecca Ricks
Rebecca Ricks
Associate Editor
CEOs looking at massaged data

Are you getting accurate data from your executive team? Between the standard inaccuracies and time lag you’ll encounter with most reporting methods, reports are never going to be right on the money. A new study, however, suggests that executives may be cooking the books more than you might have thought. According to a report by …

Why Presentation Is Everything (Well, Mostly).
Dan Roden
Dan Roden
Director of Marketing Experience

I’ve worked in the analytics/BI space for over a decade now, and let me tell ya: the challenges surrounding collection, aggregation, analysis and dissemination of data are not new. As technology for measuring performance has improved and storage has become cheaper, companies are doing a better job of collection and aggregation, which in turn has …

Is Competition on the Executive Team Healthy?
Heather Zynczak
Heather Zynczak
Chief Marketing Officer

I love the TV show Mad Men. In addition to the great clothes, Don Draper’s good looks, and three-martini lunches, it is just so cleverly written. A recent episode stuck with me. The executive in charge of “Beans” at the Heinz Food Company did not want the executive in charge of “Ketchup” to use the Madmen …

THURSDAY, MAY 23, 2013
The Co-pilot Perspective
Chad Heinrich
Chad Heinrich
Black Ops

A number of years ago I had a quite a memorable experience.  On a visit to see one of my best friends from Seattle, his roommate, a newly certified amateur pilot, invited us to take an impromptu aerial tour of the city and surrounding area. Upon accepting the invitation, I naively envisioned boarding an aircraft …

The Data Consumption Dilemma: 4 Pitfalls to Avoid
Blaine Moss
Blaine Moss
Client Services Architect

Data is as critical to your business as ingredients are to cooking. For example, it’s almost impossible to find food that doesn’t contain wheat, because it’s a critical component in so many of the things we eat. But flour is good for nothing on its own—it doesn’t burn or give you heat, you don’t eat …

One View of the Truth
Thamina Christensen
Thamina Christensen
Marketing Project Manager

Last week at the Eloqua Experience conference, I was shocked at the stats confronting businesses. Two-thirds of CMOs believe marketing ROI will be their top effectiveness measurement by 2015. Effective use of sales intelligence increases revenue productivity per sales rep by 17%. 90% of the data in the world today was created in the last …

Infographic: The Cost of Manual Reporting
Josh James
Josh James
Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board

Manual reporting is expensive, not to mention frustrating. It can cost a typical company $79K per year and that’s conservative, IMHO. For other companies, it can cost much much more. Check our infographic on the cost of manual reporting and see if you can relate.

Are You Still Using Spreadsheets? (Unfortunately, You’re Not Alone.)
Shawn Dickerson
Shawn Dickerson
Director of Marketing

I loved this recent post on The Data Doghouse, which underscores why “spreadsheets from hell” are still the most pervasive BI tool for business users. Last year’s TDWI study on Visual Reporting agrees. That survey found that nearly two-thirds of BI users are

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