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Kirk Goldsberry is a data genius. Here’s why you should care about his work.

big data analytics in basketball

You’ve heard of Billy Beane, or at least his work. The inspiration behind the book “Moneyball,” Beane used sports data to beat out competitor teams with far bigger budgets (the Yankees, anyone?). The business application is obvious—but it’s also a bit flawed. The problem with the baseball-to-business analogy is that the game of baseball is, …

5 Next Steps For Data Visualization

what's next in data visualization

It’s difficult to predict what the future of data visualization will look like, but there are a few emerging trends that give us an idea of where the field is heading. 1. Everyone—not just programmers—will be able to create data visualizations. There was once a time when only developers were capable of creating stunning data-driven …

5 People Who Are Revolutionizing the Data Viz Movement

data visualization with domo

5 People Who Are Revolutionizing The Data Viz Movement The practice of representing information visually is nothing new: Galileo and Da Vinci were arguably some of history’s best data artists. Rapid technological changes, however, have allowed us to visualize stories we would have never been able to tell before. No one knows this better than …

Mobile Productivity: Why It Isn’t Delivering and Why That Will Change


Me and my smartphone are inseparable—just ask my wife. And because of that, I’m part of a larger global trend that’s on track to reach a major milestone. At some point during the course of this year, Comscore predicts that mobile device usage will eclipse that of desktop usage. Pretty remarkable if you think about it.  …

The Digital Age

Back in the mid 1990’s I attended a wedding where the father of a friend was showing off his new digital camera. Groups of friends, families and wedding party members were clustered together waiting for their turn to pose for “digital” photo. The process was largely familiar: everyone stands together, smiles, a quick “1-2-3-say-cheese” countdown, and then the camera’s …

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