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(Some) businesses are satisfied with their data outcomes, Accenture says.

big data success

A recent Accenture study titled “Big Success With Big Data” tackled the question of data outcomes, and found that 1) businesses are overwhelmingly satisfied with big data, and 2) big data holds tremendous disruptive potential. As much as those general statements might make you want to kick your feet up and relax, there are a …

CIOs losing IT budget to marketing? 3 ways to stay relevant.

CIOs losing IT budget to marketing

CIOs and CMOs have been experiencing a surprising amount of friction in the past several years. According to a recent Accenture report, only one in ten marketing and IT executives says collaboration between the CIO and CMO is at an acceptable level. Part of the problem is that with marketing department’s soaring IT budget—Gartner says CMOs …

HBR to marketers: “You’re spread too thin.”

marketers spread too thin

In the Harvard Business Review’s article “The Ultimate Marketing Machine,” the authors remind marketers just how frustrating it is to have all the information they could possibly want and still get none of the information they need. The conclusion to HBR’s (actually very helpful) article goes something like this: At first blush, the Marketing2020 study …

The Need for Big Data-Fueled Marketing BI

Big data-fueled marketing bi

Data exhaust. Cyber shadow. Digital footprint. Turns out our passionate embrace of all these interconnected digital devices is leaving a kind of transactional trail that, in the aggregate, has come to be known as Big Data. We are creating enormous quantities of the stuff, and modern organizations are increasingly eager to poke around in it. …

2 Ways to Please Your Data Lover

how to please your data lover

Business leaders love data. When they have it, they’re able to make sound decisions with confidence. But when they don’t, they’re up all night wondering when their instinct is finally going to fail them—or if it already has. So it falls on the shoulders of BI and IT experts like you to deliver the data …

(More) Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO

more secrets of the data driven cmo

If data were water, then many marketers are trying to drink from a fire hydrant. Even within the marketing department alone, there’s an impossible amount of information for one person to keep track of day in and day out. Here are two more secrets, pull from our executive brief “7 Secrets of the Data-Driven CMO,” …

Infographic: The World Needs Data Scientists

explaining the need for data scientists

Every organization has at least two kinds of data consumers: the first is the executive or business leader who needs quick insights on reliable metrics, so they can make faster decisions. The second is the data scientist and analyst who looks for the stories and connections within the data that no one else can see. …

How Call Centers Recapture Revenue through Better Reporting

call centers recapture revenue through better reporting

Ten years ago, no one wanted to call your customer service number. Contact centers existed out of necessity, but deriving real value from them was tedious. Now, thanks to customer service pioneers like and, the field is changing. Customers are staying on the phones because they want to. Every day, more contact centers …

3 Data-Driven Tips for Veteran CMOs and Marketers

3 Data-Driven Tips for CMOs

I‘ve always been comfortable being the youngest person in a conversation, which I credit to my two older sisters and parents who excitedly discussed and debated anything and everything around the dinner table. I also started kindergarten a year early and entered college before I was old enough to vote, making me the youngest one …

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