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(Some) businesses are satisfied with their data outcomes, Accenture says.

big data success

A recent Accenture study titled “Big Success With Big Data” tackled the question of data outcomes, and found that 1) businesses are overwhelmingly satisfied with big data, and 2) big data holds tremendous disruptive potential. As much as those general statements might make you want to kick your feet up and relax, there are a …

Why music streaming services are betting on analytics.

music streaming with big data

Amid a bitter feud between music artists and streaming services over royalties for online music, Pandora appears to be extending the olive branch. In an attempt to lure musicians back to the site, the streaming radio service recently announced its new Artist Marketing Platform, which provides listener data to music artists who are being played …

The Need for Big Data-Fueled Marketing BI

Big data-fueled marketing bi

Data exhaust. Cyber shadow. Digital footprint. Turns out our passionate embrace of all these interconnected digital devices is leaving a kind of transactional trail that, in the aggregate, has come to be known as Big Data. We are creating enormous quantities of the stuff, and modern organizations are increasingly eager to poke around in it. …

The Partnership Between Gamification And Data

gamification of data for enterprise

Let’s get one thing straight: Gamification does not mean gaming. Gamification borrows the characteristics of games and applies them to non-game contexts. Gamification works by taking advantage of humans’ natural predisposition to engage in competitive activities in order to achieve a desired outcome, whether it’s learning a new language or clicking “buy now” on a …

The Measuring Sticks of Sales Productivity

measuring stick of sales productivity

This blog post is extracted from the SiriusDecisions Research Brief “The Measuring Sticks of Sales Productivity.” Get the full article for free on the Domo Learn Center. The world is flat, or at least we thought it was until Columbus made a discovery or two while trying to find a faster route to the Far …

Infographic: The World Needs Data Scientists

explaining the need for data scientists

Every organization has at least two kinds of data consumers: the first is the executive or business leader who needs quick insights on reliable metrics, so they can make faster decisions. The second is the data scientist and analyst who looks for the stories and connections within the data that no one else can see. …

Why Data Democracy Is Your Competitors’ Best Tool

data democracy

Too often, business analysts, data scientists, and similar power users share their analytic epiphanies with a very short list of peers and management. Those insights should be shared across departments if the enterprise is to get the fullest value from big data. For example, analytics may show the root cause of a new form of …

Are Data Warehouses Just a Stop-Gap?

data warehouse as a stop gap

Some technologies are heralded as having arrived, only to falter for years, sometimes decades. In movies, 3D took about half a century to gain traction. “Smart” appliances, such as refrigerators that track your grocery inventory, were the next big thing—a decade ago. Smart appliances are still around, and we’re all still waiting for them to …

Where Data Warehouses Fall Short

where data warehouses fall short

The data warehouse seems like a perfect BI solution. It provides a central repository for storing all of an organization’s data that, in turn, gives reporting tools a single location where those tools can find and extract useful data that can then be analyzed and consumed. The disappointing reality. The reality is different. Picture a …

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