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3 killer courses you can’t miss at Domopalooza Bootcamp


Hey genius! Yeah, you. Are you a new Domo user hoping to learn how to navigate your way around the platform? A grizzled data veteran eager to learn more about how you can load your company’s data into Domo? Or perhaps a business analyst hoping to create more compelling visualizations that upper management can use …

Form Follows Data: How Jer Thorp Transforms Data into Art


Visualizing information is a practice that’s far from new. After all, Galileo and Da Vinci were arguably some of history’s best data artists. When it comes to turning information into art, Jer Thorp is a pioneer in the field of data visualization. We’re pleased to announce that Thorp will be speaking at Domopalooza next month about finding the …

The Man Behind Moneyball: The Billy Beane Story

Billy Beane_headshot 1

He’s a household name. And we’re thrilled to announce that he is going to be a keynote speaker at Domopalooza next month. Billy Beane, the baseball general manager whose story was the subject of Michael Lewis’ bestselling book Moneyball: The Art of Winning an Unfair Game and who was portrayed by Brad Pitt in the …

Slogging through big data initiatives? Here’s why businesses get stuck.


In business, the latest tech trends often get stuck in implementation limbo—despite broad consensus on their relevance, nobody quite knows what to do with them. It’s a growing pain we saw with the Internet, and we’re seeing it again with big data. Recognizing the importance of big data is quite different from fully embracing it. …

The symbiotic relationship between the cloud and IoT.


Connectivity is nothing new. Since the internet arrived on the scene in the 1990s, we’ve been finding ways to connect everything from coffee pots to Coke machines and televisions to thermostats. The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is arguably as old as the internet itself. Those who are familiar with the Internet of …

How C-level executives really feel about big data.


As data-driven insights begin to inform decision-making at every level of the organization, C-level executives have entered a dynamic environment that explores how data analytics translate into business value. Some executives appear more confident than others in the capabilities of big data, prompting us to ask: Who’s big on big data? That’s the question at the …

(Some) businesses are satisfied with their data outcomes, Accenture says.

big data success

A recent Accenture study titled “Big Success With Big Data” tackled the question of data outcomes, and found that 1) businesses are overwhelmingly satisfied with big data, and 2) big data holds tremendous disruptive potential. As much as those general statements might make you want to kick your feet up and relax, there are a …

Why music streaming services are betting on analytics.

music streaming with big data

Amid a bitter feud between music artists and streaming services over royalties for online music, Pandora appears to be extending the olive branch. In an attempt to lure musicians back to the site, the streaming radio service recently announced its new Artist Marketing Platform, which provides listener data to music artists who are being played …

The Need for Big Data-Fueled Marketing BI

Big data-fueled marketing bi

Data exhaust. Cyber shadow. Digital footprint. Turns out our passionate embrace of all these interconnected digital devices is leaving a kind of transactional trail that, in the aggregate, has come to be known as Big Data. We are creating enormous quantities of the stuff, and modern organizations are increasingly eager to poke around in it. …

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