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Flying Blind? Most Business Leaders Lack the Data They Need

business leaders are flying blind

As a business leader, you help pilot your organization. You have data that, like the instruments in a pilot’s cockpit, help you measure exactly how high, how fast, and in what direction your organization is flying. But if you don’t have access to all the information you need, you’ll find yourself flying blind to the …

Are Data Warehouses Just a Stop-Gap?

data warehouse as a stop gap

Some technologies are heralded as having arrived, only to falter for years, sometimes decades. In movies, 3D took about half a century to gain traction. “Smart” appliances, such as refrigerators that track your grocery inventory, were the next big thing—a decade ago. Smart appliances are still around, and we’re all still waiting for them to …

Where Data Warehouses Fall Short

where data warehouses fall short

The data warehouse seems like a perfect BI solution. It provides a central repository for storing all of an organization’s data that, in turn, gives reporting tools a single location where those tools can find and extract useful data that can then be analyzed and consumed. The disappointing reality. The reality is different. Picture a …

What Business Leaders Hate About Big Data

What business leaders hate about big data

Report Frequency & Accessibility: What They Get vs. What They Want Across the board, execs say they want reports more frequently than they’re getting them (1 in 5 only get an updated view of their sales pipeline once a month). Still, 70% of survey respondents revealed that they still lack real-time access to their most …

Yikes—Marketers’ Relationship with Data Is Only a B-

marketers relation with data 2

Marketers have an incredible array of data sources—so it’s no wonder that they deal with data fatigue. In Domo’s Data-Driven Marketing Survey Report, we asked the marketers responsible for various platforms how often they check the data. Here’s a graph of their responses: Even those with business intelligence solutions aren’t making the time to check …

Why Presentation Is Everything (Well, Mostly).


I’ve worked in the analytics/BI space for over a decade now, and let me tell ya: the challenges surrounding collection, aggregation, analysis and dissemination of data are not new. As technology for measuring performance has improved and storage has become cheaper, companies are doing a better job of collection and aggregation, which in turn has …

Simplify Data Consumption, Magnify Data Impact: 3 Things Retailers Need to Know

Retail Data Management with Domo

Whether a retailer wants to open a new location, start a new product line or tweak a supply chain—or make any changes to her business at all—she first needs the right data. But not all business professionals have access to the data they need. As we see in Domo’s “The Big BI Disappointment” survey, 93% …

The Uncanny Link Between Apple’s Garage Band and Business Intelligence


The Music—And the Drummer Back when I was 14, a friend of mine showed me how to string three chords together to play “Wild Thing” on the guitar. Soon after that life-altering experience I dropped $40 on a cheap, vintage hollow body with a faded sunburst finish, borrowed a book of sheet music for Metallica’s …

Why You Need Answers Before Your Questions Arise

Answers Before Questions

Back when handheld GPS units were relatively new, I purchased one for hiking. I was really looking forward to using it to discover some new backpacking routes in the Uintas. One weekend I drove out to a popular trailhead and fired up the GPS. To my great annoyance, I discovered that it didn’t have the …

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