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How to convince your boss to send you to Domopalooza: 4 strategies that will work like a charm


Domopalooza is 13 days away. 13 days! The event is shaping up to be unlike any conference you’ve ever been to. (Professional learning all day long and entertainment like Robin Thicke, Ludacris and Kid Ink all night long). If you need some help convincing your boss it’s worth your time (and theirs) to send you …

The symbiotic relationship between the cloud and IoT.


Connectivity is nothing new. Since the internet arrived on the scene in the 1990s, we’ve been finding ways to connect everything from coffee pots to Coke machines and televisions to thermostats. The concept of the Internet of Things (IoT) is arguably as old as the internet itself. Those who are familiar with the Internet of …

How C-level executives really feel about big data.


As data-driven insights begin to inform decision-making at every level of the organization, C-level executives have entered a dynamic environment that explores how data analytics translate into business value. Some executives appear more confident than others in the capabilities of big data, prompting us to ask: Who’s big on big data? That’s the question at the …

3 ways CFOs can drive profitability with data.


Half of CFOs say big data is on the balance sheet and has monetary value, but many still don’t know how to leverage that data to benefit the business in specific, measurable ways. Here are three practical ways your CFO can drive company profitability with data. 1. Better company planning and forecasting. CFOs need to …

How executives can ditch the guesswork and become more data-driven.


According to a recent PWC study, 68% of executives value their most important decisions at $50 million or more in terms of future business profits. Yet with so much on the line, a measly one-third of executives describe their decision-making as “highly data-driven.” Getting insights from data requires some level of discrimination. “Big data is …

Marketers: it’s time to act on your data.


Marketers today know more about their businesses than ever before thanks to data, but knowledge isn’t enough to benefit the company’s bottom line. It’s easy to kick back and pat yourself on the back after collecting data, but the reality is that the best marketers are moving past data exploration and putting it into action. …

Flying Blind? Most Business Leaders Lack the Data They Need

business leaders are flying blind

As a business leader, you help pilot your organization. You have data that, like the instruments in a pilot’s cockpit, help you measure exactly how high, how fast, and in what direction your organization is flying. But if you don’t have access to all the information you need, you’ll find yourself flying blind to the …

Are Data Warehouses Just a Stop-Gap?

data warehouse as a stop gap

Some technologies are heralded as having arrived, only to falter for years, sometimes decades. In movies, 3D took about half a century to gain traction. “Smart” appliances, such as refrigerators that track your grocery inventory, were the next big thing—a decade ago. Smart appliances are still around, and we’re all still waiting for them to …

Where Data Warehouses Fall Short

where data warehouses fall short

The data warehouse seems like a perfect BI solution. It provides a central repository for storing all of an organization’s data that, in turn, gives reporting tools a single location where those tools can find and extract useful data that can then be analyzed and consumed. The disappointing reality. The reality is different. Picture a …

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