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Monthly Archives: February 2013

Why Data About Your Customers is so Valuable
Todd Beauchene
Todd Beauchene
Senior Solution Consultant

Having spent a good portion of my professional career working directly with clients, I have learned a lot about what their expectations are when they engage a consultant. Simply put, business clients purchase software and services with the expectation that their company will benefit in ways that outweigh the costs. From a sales and marketing …

4 Secrets to Accurate Sales Forecasting
Jeff Skousen
Jeff Skousen
Director of Sales

There’s something you need to know about forecasting: the forecast is, by nature, imperfect. But this is the part where I have to walk a thin line between encouraging you not to expect perfection and discouraging you from accepting errors or just flat-out guessing. Sales forecasting is incredibly important to every organization, and though you …

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