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Monthly Archives: December 2012

Is Your Retail Operation Naughty or Nice?
Dan Roden
Dan Roden
Director of Marketing Experience

If I were starting a retail company today, my first call would go to Santa to sit on my board. Who better to guide a sprouting retailer on production processes, fulfillment and more importantly, customer experience? While Santa may be too busy at the moment to attend to such a matter personally, I think it …

The Digital Age
Mark McClellan
Mark McClellan
Senior UX Designer

Back in the mid 1990’s I attended a wedding where the father of a friend was showing off his new digital camera. Groups of friends, families and wedding party members were clustered together waiting for their turn to pose for “digital” photo. The process was largely familiar: everyone stands together, smiles, a quick “1-2-3-say-cheese” countdown, and then the camera’s …

A Clear View of Your Data
Todd Beauchene
Todd Beauchene
Senior Solution Consultant

The fact that it gets dark earlier this time of year means that we have more time to study the night sky. For thousands of years, mankind has looked to the night sky in wonder while considering the seemingly numberless stars. A great deal of information has been gathered about the stars themselves, and scientists …

Lessons From Fast-Growth Company CEOs Go Beyond Social Media
Josh James
Josh James
Founder, CEO & Chairman of the Board

I recently shared my thoughts on why CEOs need to embrace social media. The post was inspired by a study on the social media habits of Fortune 500 CEOs, which showed an alarming absence of these powerful executives on the most popular social networks. Today released the findings of a follow up study that …

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