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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Is Your Data Cheating On You?
Shawn Dickerson
Shawn Dickerson
Director of Marketing

Your relationship with your data can be a lot like a love affair. At first there’s so much excitement about the insights you might glean spending a lot of time together. Every table and chart feels exciting, and the future is filled with promise. But too often

Applying the Pixar Model to Business Intelligence
Thamina Christensen
Thamina Christensen
Marketing Project Manager

In a recent HBR article, Eric Hellweg talks about the secrets to Pixar’s success. During the dominant Disney animated movie era—remember Aladdin and Beauty and the Beast—Pixar decided to do things differently. They took the opportunity to cast aside what had been done for what could be done. What were these secret guidelines? No songs …

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